Except for waiting 25 minutes, all was great. Walt was helpful as always. He updated my hearing aid and cleaned out extra wax. I'm hearing a little better. I asm happy with my hearing aid and Willoughby service.
Barb Prentice, on Google
Walt is very good at what he does. Makes my Dad feel at ease. Cleaned Dad's ears and I could watch the insides of my Dad's ear while Walt carefully and meticulously cleaned out the wax. Thanks Walt. Tanya is very friendly and listens to my Dad's war stories.
Michelle Westphal, on Google
I popped in to have my hearing aids looked at, one is broken. They got me right in even though I showed up unannounced. My hearing aid was fixed at a reasonable price. And my experience the customer service is as good as it gets! I will be using them for all my hearing aid needs for many many years to come
Russell Moore, on Google
I love the whole experience. I was not left out on the best interest of my health or what to expect. Everyone was so nice. I saw Walt Stemler, last Friday, 19th and would like to say his professionalism was superb and he was very knowledgeable about the workings of all areas of ears and it gave me comfort to move forward now with Walt. I am looking forward to working with him soon and get my hearing problem resolve for a better future.
Sharon Cameron, on Google
I wear Starkey’s Livio 1000 hearing aids that I purchased from a local hearing aid business for $4000 in November 2021. Multiple free return visits to that provider didn’t optimize my hearing experience. I learned about a nearby preferred provider for Starkey. I scheduled an appointment there. I saw Walt Stemler, the audiologist at Willoughby Hearing, Eugene. Starkey Hearing aids have adjustment capabilities but they only work well when the person working with you has the skills and experience to make the adjustments for various hearing issues. The following list is what I experienced during my first visit to Willoughby Hearing.: Walt checked my ears and then he cleaned out earwax that had built up along the canals. He took apart and cleaned my hearing aids and then tested them. He took my history. I shared with him how I change the adjustments on the hearing aids for different environments. He used a puff air test to see how well my eardrum is holding up. He tested my hearing in a variety of ways. Some tests used various background noise, like wind. He adjusted my hearing aids according to my needs and results. He returned them to me and explained the adjustments. I could hear him clearly as he spoke. He programed the hearing aids to automatically adjust to reduce road noise when driving. He added a custom program to use for noisy environments. He printed out a paper on how the buttons on the hearing aids are programed and how to use them. I received two sets of domes. One is a closed style and the other open. They fit comfortably. He told me to try them and see which I prefer for sound quality. When I returned to the front desk to pay my bill, the very kind front office person, Jules, told me there was no charge for the first visit. I cried. Walt worked with me almost three hours. It is fun and exciting to be able to hear clearly!
Trish Gillespie, on Google

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