Walt really goes to the trouble of explaining every part of the ear and how each part of the ear works. He sure went the extra mile. He is very knowledgeable. Everyone at the office is very professional, yet make you feel very comfortable and welcoming. I am very happy with their office and would recommend to everyone.
Lila McCay, on Google
We love Willoughby Hearing! The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and they go out of their way to be helpful. The small well kept and well equipped office gives way to an open and friendly environment, they treat you as valued friends. We have always been pleased with their service!! We highly recommend them! Rachel and Dennis Foster
Rachel Foster, on Google
I scheduled the initial appointment out of desperation when I lost one of my hearing aids just before a planned european vacation thinking getting a replacement would be easy. All of the "easy" mass commercial outlets (Costco) were booked out months in advance. All I needed was a simple audiogram....I thought. What I got was an incredibly complete and sensitive complete evaluation, a time-be-damned committment to complete exploration of the state-of-the-art in scientific/electronic hearing assistence, soecifically customized to my needs, and presented with a 30 day trial of a much more sophisticated pair of hearing aids to tske on my vacation. It took 2 hours more than what was scheduled as "complimentary hearing evaluation" and my attempts at releasing Walt at the end of his long day were brushed off as he insisted on completing the specific tasks and satisfying my needs for the vacation.....and beyond. I don't know yet where this will all end up, but I am confident that my decision will be based upon the most complete evaluation and tour of the present state-of-the-art technology. AND, I left with a great trial pair of aids to use and "save" the experience of my european vacation. I can't say enough.
Peter Patricelli, on Google
Walt Stemler took 2 hours with me in my first appointment and was very patient with my questions. He repaired my broken aide and updated the aides and reconnected them to my newly updated smartphone’s “trive” app. (Updated app didn’t synch with unupdated aides.) The office was not able to install new rechargeable batteries and did not have a pair of biCros aides to loan while sending them to the factory, but he will get some quickly and arrange for fresher batteries with longer charge times. I enjoyed the staff, their puns as well as having confidence in their skills and expertise.
Stephen Wilkus, on Google
I really like going to Willoughby hearing everybody is so nice friendly very helpful they give great detail answers all my questions and they do the adjustments that I asked for with no question and they are just great I recommend people going here if you have a hearing problems please contact them they do free testing and I wish people would go and get their hearing check it's very important
Linda Lawrence, on Google

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